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Можно ли спасти от исчезновен­ия редкие цветы Беларуси, сделав их символами областей, городов, школ?
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Главная » 2010 » Февраль » 19 » Why did I become a teacher?
Why did I become a teacher?
Natalia Novik

I ask myself about it every day!

I can’t say that it is exactly what I’ve dreamed of the whole life.
But it just happened! And you know I’m happy!
It’s not a surprise for me rather a logical ending.
Since my childhood I’ve been among children of different ages. I feel at ease with children. I am one of them.

You still want to know the reasons? Here we are:

T - 1. Teach. If you become a teacher, by your pupils you'll be taught.

E - 2. Enrich. By enriching children with knowledge I’ll definitely enrich me with a lot of interesting things and facts. It’s kind of the so called "healthy egoism”.

A – 3. Ask and answer. I don’t mean asking children’s home task or whatsoever. A teacher doesn’t know everything, that’s why very often he learns from children, what is more, a teacher shouldn’t be ashamed of asking if he or she is not aware of something. The subject of English requires extralinguistical knowledge. We live in a diverse world and teaching only a subject is not enough, it is boring! I should open a door into this world. I can’t tell everything about it, but I definitely can give children a hint that this world is worth exploring!

C – 4. Create. That is what education was invented for: to create, to invent, to dream up. I like it. And now I’ll try to "awaken” children because they get sleepy overlearning school subjects. It is very pleasant to see wide smiles upon their faces!

H – 5. Hear. Day after day I learn to hear children. I study them, I know what they want only by looking at them and hearing their intonation, even if they don’t speak. To hear is a good quality - "What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches.”

E - 6. Excellence – excellence in everything: in preparation, in the process of teaching, in self education.

R – 7. Ruin! You need not be afraid. I am not going to install a bomb under the school, nothing of that kind! My aim is to ruin the stereotyped education of the past which still has its roots in our present life. It’s high time we changed our minds and looked around! So many methods of teaching we’ve never even heard of, so many technologies we’ve never used in our practice! But the thing is the advanced population of our planet is breathing with new ideas of teaching and learning which are productive.

Summing it up I’d like to add the last but not the least thing: it’s very important to be a many-sided personality because a teacher (a good teacher) is a role-model for pupils.

"Be a wonderful role model because you will be the window through which many children will see their future.”

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