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Можно ли спасти от исчезновен­ия редкие цветы Беларуси, сделав их символами областей, городов, школ?
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Святыни Солигорска
Главная » 2009 » Ноябрь » 28 » TWO SUMMER DAYS …
Zhenya Krivaltsevich
This summer I spent in a special way. I visited very beautiful city—Grodno. I visited my uncle. He drove me to the zoo. It was very interesting there. I saw many different and interesting animals, such as : a peacock, an ostrich, a camel, a polar bear, a flamingo, different breeds of the parrots, also different snakes, different kinds of fish.
At once I payed my attention to the nearest animal in an open air cages. It was a flamingo. I liked its coloring, and I thought of its feathers, and while the visitors gaped at the flamingo. I pushed silently a hand in to an open-air cage and hulled its feather sharply. I did not know that a flamingo is able to shout so loudly. I thought the whole zoo heard it. But actually it was heard even by the security guard. My uncle and I were not allowed to approach an open-air cage more than five meters. We went further. The zoo appeared to be not so big as I imagined, it was huge, very huge. I had been lost twice. This way I spent the first day in a remarkable city – Grodno.
Another day began. My uncle and I went to the park. It was fine. Birds sang. Quiet music played. I looked around, all the trees and the bushes were beautiful. There were attractions in the park and I visited them. I turned a head where my uncle should have stand but I didn’t see anybody. I went along the attractions, some of them I visited. In the evening I found out that my phone had been disconnected, but I decided not to turn it on and kept on walking further in the park. I saw a lot of interesting things , I saw different sculptures, the artists drew caricatures. Afterwards I had bored, besides I was very hungry and cold. I left the park. I caught a forty eighth trolleybus and reached my uncle’s house. On having come into the apartment I saw everybody drinking tea. Nobody asked me about anything. It turned out that my uncle saw me in the park and went home. This way I spent the second day.
On the third day we went home to the village of Soligorsk. It didn’t work out without adventures. I heard a voice of the announce, that the bus was going to leave the platform. I ran into the bus, the doors closed. I sat down on a forward seat and saw that outside the bus there was my uncle. He laughed at me pointing at his watch. He knew two buses went to Soligorsk but in different ways. I jumped up and explained the driver the situation. He opened the door. I quickly left the bus.....
It was the most impressive weekend I have ever had.
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