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Можно ли спасти от исчезновен­ия редкие цветы Беларуси, сделав их символами областей, городов, школ?
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Главная » 2009 » Декабрь » 21 » EDWARD MUNCH “ THE SCREAM”
Kate Tarasova
I will describe a famous picture by Edward Munch "The Scream”. This picture belongs to the style called Expressionism. The fact is, the space of the picture is divided asymmetrically. A strange person with an unusual face is domineering in the centre of the picture. We can see a person and a bridge in the foreground. The person is walking along the bridge. And it is evidently, he doesn’t know where he is going. He is walking without any thinking. He is going somewhere, where his fortune will bring him.
In the background there is a storm and a strange sky, which is bright orange. The storm is a scream of the person’s soul. And the sky is his emotional state.
The picture is painted in cold, bright colours. The dominating colour, that catches our eyes, is orange. And this colour contrasts with black and blue colours of the sea.
This picture made me think a lot about our life, about our souls.
They say before our birth Lord showed us our life. And from the day of our birth till the day of our death we are crossing such bridges and coming over all the events, which God prescribed to us. I’m sure, every person wants his life to be smooth without any problems and sad events. If a person faces a problem, especially a very serious one, he cries or flies into a passion. He doesn’t do anything, but can you imagine, what is happening in his heart and his soul! They are crying, they are screaming. And there is a storm, a great storm in our souls. That is the humor, that is our life. The picture reflects our real life. In my opinion, the picture is a real masterpiece, like "The Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci.
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