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Можно ли спасти от исчезновен­ия редкие цветы Беларуси, сделав их символами областей, городов, школ?
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Главная » 2012 » Июнь » 13 » The myth about love
The myth about love
Oksana Ivanovskaya,
Vitaliya Molochko,
Olga Vrublevskaya

There are two parts in our world: the Earth and the Sky. Gods live in the sky. They look after us. Once a year Gods come down onto the Earth.

Once upon a time the God of the Sun lived. One day he and other gods descended on the Earth. He liked the air on the Earth, beautiful forests, the food of the people. He enjoyed talking to people. This God had his favourite place: it was a theatre. Today, as usual, he went to the theatre. But when the God mixed with the people inside the theatre, he stopped for a minute. He saw a girl that was shining brighter than the Sun! The God couldn’t take away a look from her pretty face. He didn’t want to leave the Earth any more but the gods had to go away the next day.

The God of the Sun was afraid that he would never see that beautiful girl. Fortunately, he could meet her again when they were going out of the theatre. He got acquainted with her. They visited a lot of beautiful places and talked a lot. But the God had to go back to the Sky. He didn’t want to leave this girl, he was constantly thinking about her. And finally he decided to remain on the Earth and to leave his magic power. All the gods were angry when they had heard about it. But the God of the Sun didn’t want to change his mind.

So after that the girls and the God started living together. And soon they had five wonderful children with rosy cheeks! They were really happy!      

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